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Nature & Forest Therapy / EcoNIDRA™ / Mindful Eating
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As a famous Zen saying goes, 

“You should sit in nature for 20 minutes.
Unless you are busy.
Then you should sit for an hour.”

Nature-hearted, LLC was founded to support people in slowing down, resting, simply being and non-doing in order to create space and spaciousness.

So how busy are you? And when was the last time you sat in nature? We humans lead very hectic lives. Our brains are overstimulated by our interactions with technology and our interactions with each other by means of technology. We are over-tired, over-scheduled, over-stressed… We have forgotten how to use all our senses to connect with our environment, with each other and with ourselves. We are connected via the internet, but very disconnected from the web of life.

What can we do? We can help ourselves return to nature through nature-connection practices. Did you know that our species have spent 99.99% of our collective existence in partnership with nature? Step outside, and you are home. Sit with a plant, and you’ve got a friend.

Nature & Forest Therapy

Nature & Forest Therapy is a relational practice. Its aim is to support a web of relationships between people and the planet. A guided nature & forest therapy walk is a structured experience where participants get to connect with nature through their senses, slow down, and be with themselves and the land in the present moment. 


EcoNIDRA™ is a deeply relaxing, deeply nourishing practice that supports mind, body, and soul. Simply put, it is a combination of Yoga Nidra and nature connection. During an EcoNIDRA session, participants are gently guided in meditation through their senses and often enter a dreamlike state of relaxed awareness. Imagination can soar and internal batteries can get recharged.

Why Naturopathy

Why Nature Connection Practices?

Mindful and embodied nature explorations can help with


Slowing down and engaging with nature through our senses activates the parasympathetic nervous system and lowers levels of a stress hormone cortisol. 

Immune functioning

As shown by some studies, a walk in a forest leads to increased levels of NK cells in our system. These cells protect the body from pathogens. 


Nature & Forest Therapy produces a calming effect on prefrontal brain activity. The thinking brain gets a break!


Being in nature boosts problem-solving and creativity by allowing people to reconnect with their imagination and experience a state of flow.

General well-being

Nature connection practices have a grounding effect, anchoring people in the present moment through sensory awareness and exploration. 

Relational Benefits

Participants report feeling more connected to self and the web of life as well as finding support from nature with difficult life transitions.


"My first experience doing an EcoNIDRA session was awesome! It was so relaxing and I even fell asleep for a few minutes but I felt as if I was sleeping for 4 hours. My body was never relaxed like this before. I would highly recommend it to everybody."

— Rachel Kim -



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