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Image by Georgia de Lotz

Mission and vision

A kinder, more connected world is possible.

We humans live in organized societies where, amongst all the noise and busyness, it is easy to forget that we too are nature. Nature connection practices serve as a bridge between our own nature and the rest of the web of life.


The vision of nature-hearted, LLC is grand - a kinder, more connected world where humans tune into nature outside and within by syncing the body with seasonal changes, moon cycles, and nature elements.


This is achieved by facilitating 

  • guided nature and forest therapy walks,

  • deeply relaxing EcoNIDRA sessions,

  • mindful eating explorations,

  • mini-retreats into mindfulness and embodiment.


The mission of nature-hearted, LLC is to provide support for all humans experiencing stress, but especially those going through loss and those affected by military conflicts.

Nature-hearted, LLC will partner with organizations, groups and professionals offering support for people during challenging life events and transitions. 


If you lead a heart-centered business, please reach out. A more connected world is more within reach when we work together. 

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