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Image by Toa Heftiba

Mindful Eating

Our bodies are intelligent systems that are nourished and supported by foods that we take in. However, because our lives are so hectic and rushed, we might be doing other things while eating - to cram more and more activity into our day. So eating can become a dreaded chore, another task to accomplish...

Eating mindfully is an act of self-care. When we give ourselves a gift of attention, awareness, and presence, eating can become a beautiful ceremony, a celebration of our senses, and a miracle of abundance of choices.

Mindful eating rests on four guiding principles: 

  • Intention,

  • Acceptance,

  • Non-judgmental awareness, 

  • Self-compassion.


What is a Mindful Eating session like?

During a mindful eating session, I'll guide you toward using multiple senses to experience the food or drink of your choice - through sight, smell, taste, hearing, and touch. You'll explore a different way of eating - slowly and with intention, registering your reactions, thoughts, emotions about the food and about yourself in relation to the food. I'll also guide you to explore the web of life and how myriads of connections have made the food in front of you possible.  

Benefits of Mindful Eating:

  • Better digestion,

  • Improved attention and ability to focus, 

  • Lower stress and lower anxiety,

  • Improved body image,

  • Better immune functioning,

  • Increased sense of calm and relaxation, 

  • Improved mood and general sense of well-being,

  • And more.

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