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dragonfly on blade of grass


How long is your to-do list? How many tasks have you done today, yesterday, the day before? How many more do you have to do tomorrow? What thoughts are thinking you? Our modern lives are very demanding, aren't they? From all this activity, many of us feel very tired. Sometimes, even 8 hours of sleep don’t help.

As a certified teacher, I've joined a group of EcoNIDRA™ practitioners worldwide who facilitate deeply relaxing sessions so participants can be the best, most rested versions of themselves. The symbol of the EcoNIDRA™ movement is the dragonfly. In many cultures around the world, the dragonfly represents light, change, and transformation. EcoNIDRA™ Teacher Training has been recognized by the Institute of Noetic Sciences as a transformative practice.


EcoNIDRA™ = meditation + visualization + imagination


EcoNIDRA™ is a technique for achieving deep relaxation. This practice merges elements of the ancient Yoga Nidra, nature & forest therapy, and the Power of Kindness movement. The goal of EcoNIDRA™ is helping people connect with their inner ecosystem while also connecting to the whole of nature. A 50-minute session can be as restful as 3-4 hours of sleep.

Benefits of EcoNIDRA™:

  • Lower stress and lower anxiety,

  • Better sleep and better digestion,

  • Improved immune functioning,

  • Improved sense of calm and relaxation, 

  • Improved mood and general sense of well-being,

  • Increased memory and focus,

  • Integration of emotions and perceiving oneself as more whole,

  • Feeling more connected,

  • And more.

What is an EcoNIDRA session like?

If guided remotely, you need a safe quiet space where you can be comfortable. You'll be guided by my voice on a triple journey through your senses, the body, and the Earth. All you need to do is join, and the "doing" stops there. No need to say or do anything, just be present.

Contact me for customized sessions: family reunions, team building, milestone celebrations, and more.

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